t is said that it takes a village to raise a child. But in this modern society, the village is either too small or doesn’t exist and the role of raising the child is left to the parents. Parents may have other responsibilities or jobs that may keep them away from their child and have to decide how the child will be cared for. For parents, this is a critical decision, as this person is responsible for diverse aspects of your child’s life. They not only care for the baby but also provide a safe environment in with your child can grow, they love them, provide security, and others are even involved in house management duties.  At St Louis household staffing agency, we are here to make your journey of nanny selection as smooth as possible. Here are some tips to consider:

  1. Outline your nanny’s job description.

The primary role of a nanny is overseeing the well-being of your child. Other duties include planning, preparing meals and feeding the child, arranging playdates, reading to the children and helping with homework, light housekeeping among other duties as may be agreed on.  These duties may vary from one household to another, it is therefore important to clearly outline what you expect your nanny to do.

  1. Relating your need to a nanny

With a job description, you have an idea of what you want. The next step is understanding who you want and how you want things done. There may be a specific trait that you may require from your nanny which makes them more efficient. We all desire a Mary Poppin like in the movies, but it is important to know the key trait that you need in your home. Something to consider includes, does the nanny lives in or out, does your child requires special care, the type of schedule to run, and any other specific need specific to your home. Say for instance if you have a child that requires special, the nanny needs to have professional knowledge of giving that type of care. Be clear on the must-have qualities and what is desirable and not mandatory.

  1. Finding the perfect fit

You can find a nanny in various ways, from recommendations, online adverts, or agencies.  Working with a reputable agency is safer, as they do all the hard work for you. we do background checks, cross-reference the referees, check their work and education history and match that to your needs. By the time the hand nanny over to, you can be comfortable that this is the right person for the job. As an employer, you can go ahead and schedule an interview with the recommended nanny. Follow your instinct and watch for anything that doesn’t feel right or any red flags. If you are comfortable, you can schedule a trial date at your home.

  1. Make living arrangements

After the trial date if you are fully satisfied this is the person for you, go ahead and make the living arrangement. A nanny can either live in the family house or can live separately and only come in to provide the nanny services. Discuss with your nanny, weigh the pros and cons of either and come up with the best arrangement for all parties.

At St Louis household staffing agency, we have experts who are keen on finding staff who meet your needs. Most important to know is that if you are not comfortable with your staff, do not be afraid to let them go.