If you’re a business owner or marketer for a company in an industry with strict regulations like tobacco, alcohol, and weed, you’ll have fewer options for marketing your products. Despite 33 states in the US legalizing cannabis for medical use and 11 states for recreational use, federally, it’s still illegal. Therefore, you have to find the best ways to market your weed stores and gain profit from the sale of cannabis.

Here are some ways to effectively market your cannabis products:

  1. Use Billboards

Digital marketing is almost rendering the use of billboards obsolete. Unfortunately, most digital platforms, such as social media pages and SERPS, don’t support the promotion or sale of cannabis on their site. That’s why you may have to go the billboard way.

Billboards are an excellent option for acquiring local customers. But before you install any of them, ensure that your state’s regulations and laws support its installation. Billboards can help you to get your brand’s name and products to the right eye.

  1. Build A Customer Base

Any company aims to build a customer base that’ll bring in more people. However, with the state’s restrictions, finding such customers may not be easy. You may have to use adverts with sponsorships to lure more customers into buying your products.

You can find such sponsorships by negotiating with your advertising agency or searching for individuals who can sponsor your projects. On the other hand, if you have enough money, you can decide to sponsor some local projects in various ways.

  1. Partner With Other Brands

Having a partner can be a great way to market your brand because it allows you to access your partner’s audience. It would be best to partner with a company in the same industry as yours because they’ll understand the problems you’re likely to face and how to overcome them. But if you find a company that’s willing to partner with you, though not from the same industry, don’t turn down the offer because it’ll still help you market your brand and grow a healthy business relationship.

  1. Plan And Host Local Events

Hosting a local event is also an excellent way of marketing your brand. You don’t have to finance an expensive meeting, but a simple barbecue or meet-up can help you to enhance your local standing within your area. If you own a bigger cannabis company, you can host a conference to encourage meaningful relationships and better networking opportunities for various businesses.

  1. Pitch Main Journalists And Publications

Some companies have had great success by getting journalists and major publications to write stories about their brands. However, with cannabis, this may be a little difficult because some publications may not be ready to write marijuana-related stories. But with the right angle of pitching, this concern may be mitigated if you polish an exciting newsworthy story that’s relatable to your target customers. If most of them like it, your brand will receive additional buyers. You can use online tools to identify how to capture the attention of journalists.

Wrapping Up

The illegality of cannabis makes it quite difficult to market because various sites may ban it. However, these strategies can make your brand popular and help you acquire more customers.