If you own a smartphone, you are most likely already familiar with voice assistants. It is a feature that allows you to monitor and control your phone’s actions, simply through speaking them into the microphone. As the name suggests, voice assistants respond to your audible commands, and perform whatever actions they are programmed to do based on a few set words and phrases.

For anyone with a busy schedule where they hardly have time to perform basic everyday tasks, voice assistants can make things a lot easier. You can make calls, check the time and weather, browse the internet and even play music just by saying what you want done out loud. It is also a great way to set reminders for important meetings and such, without doing it manually. All you really need is an occasional power source and a good internet connection, something you can get from FirstEnergy Ohio Edison.

A Few More Perks of Voice Assistants

As mentioned previously, the purpose of a voice assistant is to make your life simpler by accomplishing any tasks it can, thus eliminating them from your daily routine. A voice assistant can set alarms for you, book a table at your favorite restaurant, and for anyone who has a smart home, you can even use the assistant to monitor your appliances! It’s the most convenient way to manage your home, since you can easily do it simply while walking around and performing all your tasks as you normally would.

Interactive Interface

One of the best things about voice assistants is how interactive they are. The fact that all you need to operate a voice assistant is simple speech makes it a very easy, convenient user experience that anyone would quickly get used to. The assistant will respond to all your queries and commands, both through audio and actions. It’s basically like hiring a personal assistant to do all your small everyday tasks for you, except without the monthly paycheck; this is because you can use voice assistants to do anything, from booking appointments and setting reminders to ordering groceries.

Great Customer Service

It is quite understandable for homeowners to not want to begin using a voice assistant if they haven’t experienced its perks before, but if the sole concern is a fear of things going wrong afterwards, it shouldn’t be a problem. Smart devices often come with amazing customer service and warranties that will secure your investment, so even if anything goes wrong, you won’t have to cover the entirety of the expense yourself. Furthermore, if you’re having trouble with operating your device, the manual that comes with it should cover most of your queries, but in case it does not, 24 hour customer service will once again be there to assist you with whatever you may need.

Remote Monitoring

This may just be the best part of owning any smart devices because it’s what saves homeowners the most time and money. You may very easily control all smart devices present in your home simply through your voice assistant, without even manually accessing the app in your phone. With voice assistants present within your phone, if you are away from home and remember that you left an appliance on, you won’t have to travel back, or wait to get home to turn it off. The lights in your home do not have to stay on all day before you can finally turn them off, which makes this the best way to save electricity.

Remote monitoring also works from within your home. You can simply change the temperature and settings on your thermostat from your bedroom, without even leaving the bed; it provides both comfort and convenience.

Personalized Experience

With voice assistants, you have a number of options to customize your experience. Since a voice assistant works by using selected words that it is programmed to respond to, you can change those commands as you please to make the transition easier for yourself. You can even do so with the command word, which activates the voice assistant; the default word is different for each voice assistant, which can be programmed according to the language and general preference of use. Furthermore, you can customize voice assistants according to where you live and what language you speak, so that it may always respond appropriately.

Saves Time

One of the most obvious perks of voice assistants is how much time they can save you, simply because you won’t have to perform a few simple tasks by yourself. It makes it much easier for you to multitask, so you can do everything that involves your phone while doing something else, either at home or at work. Voice assistants might take some time to get used to, but once you see how much easier they can make your life, you may never switch back to performing those tasks manually.


Getting a voice assistant will help you organize your life by dividing your chores, so you don’t have to perform all of them manually. It will make you more productive and will ensure that you don’t forget to do the little things that you either skip or forget to do during a busy day, which will result in you getting a lot more done in one day than you usually would. A voice assistant is a good investment that any homeowner should definitely consider.