Do you face a dilemma when it comes to choosing the best contractor for hardwood floor installation? Many homeowners invest in hardwood floors as they love the timeless elegance breathing life into their properties.

However, with too many installation companies available, how do you pick the right contractor?

An experienced and reputed hardwood floor installer defines the line of difference between a flawless installation and potential issues. This explains why it’s crucial to put forward certain strategic questions before installation and evaluate their answers. With this approach, you can scrutinize their installation skills, expertise, and quality of service.

What to Ask Your Contractor During Hardwood Floor Installation?

Here are six crucial aspects to discuss with the floor installation company.

1.    What experience do you have with hardwood flooring installation?

Installing hardwood floors comes with its challenges. Inquire about the experience of the company, as this will help you evaluate their proficiency in addressing these challenges.

Hire an installer with a proven track record, since the company would be better equipped to deliver high-quality results. Established installers will readily show you examples of their completed projects and explain the techniques they use to overcome specific challenges.

2.    Are you licensed and insured?

Make sure that you hire a licensed and insured floor installer. Remember, hiring the wrong contractor can void your warranty. It can also lead to other complications in terms of quality. Check out whether your installer is NWFA certified, or comes with any equivalent certification.

It’s wise to hire a contractor with adequate insurance, so that you can claim compensation in case of any damage. This ensures better mental peace, as you have enough security against potential liabilities.

The insurance coverage keeps both parties protected in case of accidents or property damage during installation.

3.    Can you provide references from existing clients?

Before hiring a contractor, it’s wise to get feedback from someone sharing first-hand insights about their reputation. Ask for references from their existing clients or view the portfolios of their completed projects to understand their reliability and craftsmanship.

With visual evidence and positive testimonials, you can confidently hire the floor installation company.

4.    What does your hardwood floor installation warranty include?

Reputed hardwood floor installation companies offer a warranty on their craftsmanship. This serves as an assurance of durability and quality. Make sure to clarify the terms and duration of this warranty, so that you remain well-poised in case of unforeseen issues after installation.

Not all contractors offer the same terms in their warranty coverage. This explains why you should find out what their provisions include.

5.    What type of hardwood flooring installation method do you recommend?

 Ask this question to understand the depth of their knowledge and expertise. Professional installers use different methods like nail-down, glue-down, and floating to address different subfloor conditions. Consult with the experts regarding the most suitable method for your home for optimal performance and longevity of the floor.

6.    How do you handle subfloor preparation?

The durability of hardwood floors largely depend on proper subfloor preparation. Discuss how the installer works on this aspect while preparing the subfloor.

Leading companies specializing in hardwood floor installation would talk about testing the extent of moisture, levelling, or addressing underlying issues. This calculated approach significantly prevents complications in the future.


 While we have listed the most crucial questions to ask your installer before hardwood floor installation, don’t miss out the basic ones. Get a realistic estimate in writing before commencing, along with a tentative timeline for the overhaul.

Reputed floor installation companies will also provide you with maintenance tips to prolong the lifespan of hardwood floors. A careful evaluation of their responses to your questions will help you shortlist the most authentic installer.