If you decide to work in non-adult webcam jobs, one of the most important things you should know is that, as long as you choose a professional modeling agency, with long experience and respect for its employees, you will have the full support of your colleagues. Whether we are talking about fellow models, managers, or trainers, they will do all they can to support you since your success is the modeling agency’s success and vice versa. However, if you feel the need to share your thoughts, ask any questions, or see what and how other cam girls are doing, you should know that there is a private forum dedicated to the industry.

Here, the young women talk about different topics associated with webcam jobs, as you will see below. Our friends at Studio 20 – www.studio20.live, the largest and most successful non-adult online modeling agency in the world, with locations in 5 countries from 3 continents, helped us compile a list of the most recent subjects of discussion from the above-mentioned private forum. As you will see, they range from plastic surgery and postures for pictures to needing a restart and having a lack of ideas. The non-adult webcam models also talk about good massage parlors, members who fell in love with them, or who are too pushy.

“I was thinking about having plastic surgery, but I would need some recommendations beforehand. Where do you usually undergo these transformations?”, a young woman by the name of Stella asked on the private forum dedicated to webcam jobs. She immediately got her answer from Sophy, a colleague from another non-adult modeling agency. “First of all, it depends on what plastic surgery you want”, she wrote, before adding the name of her favorite clinic.

“Hi, girls! Literally, I don’t know what postures to adopt for my pictures anymore. Sometimes, I pose on the bed or an armchair or sofa, it looks sexier. But I’m bored and I would like to try something new for my members in webcam jobs. Can you help me?”, the same Stella asked on another topic. “You could search for ‘posing ideas’ on Pinterest, it will give you some interesting suggestions. The good thing is that, if you like a certain pose and you click on that specific picture, it will give you another 20 similar pictures to choose from”, Patricia answered.

Last but not least, Patricia says that, lately, she feels bored and lifeless, and this thing is affecting both her personal life, as well as her activity in webcam jobs. “I need a little restart – what do you do when you go through a period like that?”, she asked other models. “Normally, I take a few days off and spend time with myself. I go for a massage, I swim, and I think about my life, my goals, and my motivation”, Micaela said. On the other hand, Stella answered that, whenever this happens, she spends time with her friends and she tries to go out of the city, either at the seaside or at the mountains.