The concept of weight loss has always been a primary topic of discussion for many people. For some weight loss is just a myth while for some it is one way to stay confident. Either way, there are so many people who are still struggling to lose weight rather than focusing on staying fit. Considering this need, there are so many medicines like HCG that have come up in the market. People blindly trust these medicines thinking they would be safe. But with the hcg lawsuit that has been filed, there is no doubt that people must take extra precaution when choosing an option for such treatment. After all, medicine comes with both good and bad effects. Sometimes, medicines like HCG can prove harmful.

The trend of HCG weight loss:

There have been so many people who tried their best to convince themselves that options like eating the right food and regular workout is the only way to stay fit. But some people want to opt for shortcuts and hence to lose pounds choose diets and aids that promise to lose weights. HCG is one of those weight loss products which came into the market with quite a lot of promises and it showed results too. However, there have been some complaints which later raised some major concerns.

The concern of FDA:

The FDA advised the consumers to not take medications like human chorionic gonadotropin. Such a treatment may seem to be efficient and is being sold at a great deal but there are some harmful effects associated with it. To get the results, the product requires the individual to follow a restrictive diet as well. It is now in the process to get banned because of some ingredients that have been showing negative effects in such a type of weight loss product.

Understanding more about HCG:

HCG is one kind of hormone that is referred to as human chorionic gonadotropin. This is currently found at a high level in the early stage of pregnancy. Rather, this hormone is also counted as the marker in home pregnancy tests which has been suggested by the trusted source. This has been one of the best ways to deal with fertility issues that can be found in men and women. But when there is an elevated level of the blood of HCG, it can be one sign of certain cancer types. This includes ovarian cancer or even placental cancer for which heavy treatments can be required.

In today’s time, the products of HCCG are sold online and on market in different forms such as sprays, oral drops, and pellets too. It is also available online on websites with the licensed operational rights. However, this is a medicine that is not approved for weight loss. It cannot be given to people if there is no prescription from the doctor. Such hormone is produced by the placenta at the time of Pregnancy, the research on the same is still going on.

The lawsuit claims to not ignore:

The products of HCG that were marketed for weight loss stated that it contained the hormone at a high level but it even resulted in a diet that was extremely low calorie. To be precise it just included sticking to 500 calories in a day. Most of these products even stated that such treatment is effective in restricting the metabolism and ensuring the abnormal eating patterns are brought under control.

Even if such products were sold in the market with some great claims, there had been quite serious side effects of it. The FDA had only approved this medicine if the prescription was presented. It is usually advised for women with infertility issues or some serious medical conditions.

Since the drug has the label that states no substantial evidence can contribute to weight loss other than caloric restriction but there are still some discomforts that have been noted. One such cause of it is the restrictive diet because of which people have been at high risk of electrolytes imbalance, gallstone formation and even the discontinuing of the nerves with high heartbeats.

When the lawsuit was filed, it claimed that there had been quite unsubstantiated weight-loss claims which people had made besides, the price was a concern too. As per the government, this product had one dietary supplement formulation with two homoeopathic supplements that contributed to weight loss. It even suggested that the consumers should only take the 8-0-0 calories daily to see the results. Since low calorie is not safe for humans it increases the potentiality of the fatal and hence there have been quite many cases filed against such products.

The FDA and FTC both had sent the warning claiming that the products of HCG did not have any kind of homoeopathic drug present in them. This was one kind of violation as the drug eventually is unapproved. Even the agencies further added that this product should be sold unless it has been proved to be reliable and has the evidence that shows the medicine to be a component.

The lawsuit further stated that FT is now looking for the permanent injunction and has made an order to write along with other defendants to simply not sell the HCG in the market anymore. The complaint has now been sold to more than $13million in the products after 2010.


There have been quite many people who were happy to know about the hcg lawsuit. Further, some people even suggested that lawyers who fought such cases had made quite a good compensation for the people as the company was not stopping the sales in the market. FTC is also taking the action against the company that still wishes to not follow the law. With defendants like Right way nutrition and wright, there has been a relief for the consumers that the risk of substantial weight loss amongst the people will not anymore take place. It is important to put a hold on such sales as there are many teens who often get inspired with such medicine and would want to try it out too.