According to statistics, the average employee tenure in the UK is 5.36 years. While it might seem like a small amount of time, it can significantly impact your bottom line and corporate culture. If you lose an employee, it can mean months of work to replace them. Here are some ways you can encourage higher employee retention.

Avoid micro-managing employees

You might think that micromanaging is helpful because it keeps your employees on their toes and makes them more accountable for their work. But actually, micromanaging can have the opposite effect. Studies have shown that employees who feel like they’re being micro-managed often feel less motivated at work and are more likely to leave their jobs. So if you want to keep your best people around, try giving them some freedom instead.

Promote work-life balance

Employees who feel like they don’t have a healthy balance between their personal and professional lives are more likely to look for greener pastures. If you want to keep them happy and productive, make sure your company offers flexible hours, telecommuting opportunities, flextime (where possible), or other work-life balance initiatives.

Offer incentives to employees

An incentive could be free lunches or snacks, extra paid days off, or even cash bonuses! This small gesture can go a long way toward motivating employees and encouraging them to stick around longer.

Promote from within

If you want to keep your best people happy and productive, give them opportunities to advance by promoting them internally instead of relying on outside hires as much as possible. Employees who see that there are opportunities for advancement within the company are more likely to stay and grow with the organisation.

Offer competitive compensation and benefits

To attract and retain top talent, you should always administer employee benefits packages. Try to match what other companies are offering their employees with similar jobs. This includes paying them above minimum wage if they have experience or education that qualifies them for such a raise.

Invest in your employees’ training and education

Training helps employees stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends, which will help them perform better at work. This will also help ensure that they don’t feel like they’re stagnating or getting stuck in the same position forever, which can lead to burnout and dissatisfaction with their job

Communicate well and listen better

You need to communicate well and listen better to encourage higher employee retention. Communicating well means keeping your employees informed about what’s going on with the company and how they can help. Additionally, if you take time to hear what they have to say, you’ll be able to identify any issues affecting their work or morale.


Employee retention strategies can be difficult to define and implement, but they are essential in protecting your company’s future. Investing a small amount of money in retaining your most valuable employees will likely prove to be a smart decision in the long run.