Winters can be harsh sometimes but nothing is amazing than a warm shower to wake up the frozen body. No wonder, to have a cozy and relaxing shower it is essential to have the best geyser in your home. This home appliance is invincible when it comes to winters. However, many people use a geyser even during summers.

Over the past few years, one can see many modern options in this home appliance which is jaw-dropping. It is essential to be aware of very modern technology which offers you comfort and doesn’t cause any trouble during peak times. Thus, this article will help you make the best out of the winter season with the finest water heaters.

Various types of geysers

There are mainly five types of water geyser that are known to be technologically advanced and better to conserve the energy of your home.

Here are different types of geysers mentioned below:

  1. Conventional water heater – This is the most famous choice of people among all water heaters. It offers a low initial cost, great for all climates, and involves very minimal installation cost. Also, the conventional water heater has a sizable insulated tank that can store and warm the water.
  2. Tankless geyser – Another type of geyser is a tankless geyser which can provide instant hot water with the help of highly heated coils. The coils allow you to enjoy the hot water immediately without any hindrance. This geyser offers the benefit of space-saving and low electricity bills.
  3. Heap pump geyser – They are also known as hybrid geysers which work without generating any heat. The geyser uses heat available in the ground as well as the surrounding air. It is highly money-saving, great for long-term use, and requires little maintenance.
  4. Solar water heater – It depends on the sun power to operate. If you have solar panels in your home then this is the best geyser that offers low utility bills as well as tax credit eligibility.
  5. Condensing geyser – This type of geyser is somewhat similar to a conventional one. They work via hot gases. Condensing geysers are great for the surrounding, convenient to use, and highly efficient.

How to buy the best geyser for your home?

Whether you are planning to buy geyser online or offline, there are certain things that one needs to take care of while buying them. Here are some of the points which will help you buy the best instant water heater:

  • Family size – One shouldn’t neglect this point. Buying a small geyser for a big family is not enough. Thus, consider family size before buying a geyser.
  • Electricity consumption – Try to get hold of the geyser with a 5-star rating. This way you will face fewer electricity bills.
  • Price – It is essential to ponder upon geyser price before buying it. Decide your budget first so that it doesn’t create problems later.


It is impossible to get done with winters without a nice geyser or water heater. Thus, it is essential to be aware of its types as well as the right way to buy them. So, the next time to go shopping you have an amazing experience.