There has been a lot of emphasis on reproductive health. Men and women alike have been encouraged to pay close attention to their reproductive health.

Reproductive health issues come in different shapes and forms. They affect people of all age groups.

Have you ever heard of hypospadias? If not, it is a defect on your baby boy’s penis where the opening of the urethra is found anywhere else besides the tip. The opening may appear on the scrotum, shaft or perineal.

The condition can be treated by the boy undergoing hypospadias repair. Hypospadias repair involves the doctors using skin from the foreskin or elsewhere to cover the opening.

The position of the opening determines the type of hypospadias your child is going through. It may be:

  • Midshaft- this type is when the opening occurs on the shaft of the penis.
  • Sub coronal-in this type, the opening occurs near the tip or head of the penis.
  • Penoscrotal- the opening occurs at a point where the penis and scrotum meet.

What causes children to be born with hypospadias?


If somewhere in the family tree, either through the father or brother, had hypospadias, then your son may be born with it too.

It could occur due to syndromes in the genes causing mutations leading to the development of hypospadias.

Syndromes are among the most common causes of the defect.


There are specific fecundity treatments that involve the addition of certain hormones.

These hormones may have produced the required results but end up having effects on the child’s health.

One of those effects includes hypospadias.

Weight and age of the mother.

Children born to women who are overweight and over the age of 35 are at a higher risk of developing the defect.

There is a higher risk of the child being born with the defect, especially if the mother has diabetes.

Premature birth

If the child happens to be born prematurely, they are at a higher risk of developing hypospadias.

The development of hypospadias could be caused by the fact the baby may not have fully developed.


Mothers are always encouraged to avoid smoking during pregnancy as it could have serious adverse effects on the baby.

One of those effects is the development of hypospadias.

If you are a pregnant lady working at a plant that handles many chemicals, it would be best to wear protective clothing while at work.

The chemicals could lead to mutation in the child’s genes you are expecting, leading to defects such as hypospadias.

All hope is not lost as you could do things to ensure that your child does not end up with the defect.

 It should be noted that there is not much that you can do to prevent some causatives, such as genes.

Here are some ways of reduces the probability of your child getting hypospadias;

Regular visits to the doctor

It is always advisable for a pregnant woman to constantly visit the doctor for checkups to ensure that the baby is doing fine.

Regular checkups could also assist in the early detection of the defect. It will then provide ample time for the parents and doctors to plan their next move. The parents get an opportunity to process the news and get adequate information about the defect.

The parents get an opportunity to prepare by setting aside funds or any other items that may be required for the surgery. Doctors get an opportunity to schedule the surgery at the most convenient time for the baby, between 3-18 months.

Ensuring the mother maintains healthy body weight

As mentioned above, the mother being overweight increases the chances of the child developing the defect.

The mother should therefore strive to maintain a healthy weight by exercising and eating a proper diet.

However, the diet should consist of food that is also healthy for the child. The mother should do light exercises to ensure that the activities do not strain the mother and child.

On weight, the mother should also ensure that she does not become underweight as it can cause her to lose the child or, worse, her life.

The mother should incorporate supplements into her diet

Once a pregnant woman visits the hospital, there are certain supplements she is advised to take to provide her with the nutrients she is lacking.

The mother should adhere to the doctor’s instructions to the latter. The supplements go a long way in maintaining the mother’s health and that of the child.

The mother must follow the dosage as instructed by the doctor. In case she is advised to stop consuming some, then that is what should be done.

Avoid drugs and alcohol

It is widespread for pregnant ladies to be advised to steer away from drugs and alcohol.

Smoking has some adverse effects on the child as underweight, born premature, and respiratory issues. Constant smoking could also lead to a stillbirth which is quite painful to the parents.

Mothers should prioritize the health of their children over the urge to drink or smoke.

As mentioned above, the only form of treatment is hypospadias repair which is a form of surgery. Once the penis of the child is examined after birth, the doctor refers you to a urologist who then determines the type of hypospadias.

After such an examination, the surgery is then scheduled, and the doctor does the correction. The defect may not be detected immediately. It will be detected later as the child goes to the bathroom.

Doctors can also perform hypospadias repair on adults. However, it is much more difficult as the general body of an adult is fully developed. Parents are encouraged to pay close attention to their children’s health as it would be easier to perform surgery and heal faster.

After the surgery, the doctors may prescribe antibiotics, painkillers and medicines to relax the bladder and lower spasms. This medication should be taken faithfully to ensure proper healing.

The child may also have to use a catheter for a few days before they recover.

Hypospadias repair is usually a successful procedure.