To some, baking is more than what it seems at face value. They attach so much meaning to it and they view it as an art. As we all know, artwork is usually an expression of what the artist feels when creating it. Baking is also a way of livelihood for most people. Either way, whether done as an art or a job, the overall outcome must be perfect.

Thanks to non-stick baking paper and greaseproof paper liners, baking has become much easier for enthusiasts, professionals, and random home bakers. They can rest assured to bake without greasing their pan prior.

Why Do You Need Greaseproof Papers For All Your Bakes?

The need for a greaseproof parchment on your tray goes without saying. Here is why.

It Ensures Even Baking

Most cupcake lovers can attest to failed homemade cupcake attempts. A solution lies between these lines. All you need for evenly cooked cupcakes is a greaseproof cupcake liner. Also, when baking cookies, you may have realized them cooking unevenly. This is because some pans fail to spread heat evenly.

To avoid shameful outcomes in the event of a family or friends gathering, ensure that your pantry has at least a roll of greaseproof paper.

It Prevents Undesirable Spreading

Cookies are the best example when the topic of undesirable spreading comes up. A greaseproof paper not only spreads the heat evenly throughout the pan but also gives the cookie dough something to hold on to.

 It provides a base where the dough just spreads to a certain point. The outcome is always a plate of thick cookies that are crunchy on the outside but softer on the inside.

It Keeps Food From Sticking On The Pan

Getting food or anything you are backing out of a baking tray is not enjoyable, and in some instances, it may take days and still fail to keep the tray or pan as clean as it was. Greaseproof papers are a true friend in the hour of need. After the bake, you don’t struggle to flip cookies out food out of the baking tray.

Avails Room For Clean Cutting

Going through recipes online might cause you to hate your cooking because no matter how hard you try to follow every detail to the latter, your end products appear messy along the edges. Here is the secret behind the clean cuts you see. Align the greaseproof paper along the edges of your tray or pan. When you are done cooking, you can easily lift the greaseproof paper out of the pan by holding its edges. This avails room for clean cutting without the sides of the pan interfering.

Keeps Food From Burning

Most people enjoy steak. The secret to having a good time during and after enjoying roasted meat is by ensuring you have an easy time washing the tray you used to bake the delicacy. This is proof that you need greaseproof baking papers so bad.

Offers Insulation

Most people don’t enjoy over cooked meals. I am one of them. Fish is among the meals you can’t overcook; come rain, come sunshine. The good news is that after marinating your fish, you could envelop it using the greaseproof paper and place it on a pan. It cooks through the steam that forms within, making it delicious and nutritious.

Allows Room For Food To Breathe

Greaseproof baking papers can be used to wrap food. The best part about using them is that they allow room for air to penetrate; hence your food remains crispy and not soggy.

Ways In Which A Grease Proof Baking Paper Comes In Handy In The Kitchen

As mentioned above, the greaseproof baking paper makes baking easy and manageable. Here are ways in which you could make the paper do much more than just baking.

Easily Pour Into Your Mixer

Are your hands as shaky as mine while pouring a flour mixture into the mixer bowl?

 I bet your answer is yes. However, a greaseproof paper can assume a funnel’s job to ensure you pour flour mixture into the mixing bowl with ease—this technique aids in keeping your countertops clean.

Can Help Shape Your Cupcakes

I know greaseproof cupcake liners are efficient and easy to use. However, when your cupcake liners are no more, you don’t have to postpone an afternoon of enjoying cupcakes with your friends and family.

 A greaseproof baking paper can easily be folded into a cupcake liner shape. A tumbler could be significant in shaping the cupcake to the desired shape.

Use It As A Packet Of Cooking

This I have mentioned above. The technique is referred to as en papillote in French. It is the easiest way to ensure your food cooks nicely and neatly. Once the food is ready, you don’t unpack it from the envelope shaped greaseproof papers. The best part is that your guests open their food like some nicely wrapped gifts only to get weakened by the aroma before they finally gather the strength to dig in.

Used For Decorating

You don’t have to have a chef’s kitchen to make high-end food presentations. A greaseproof paper can be rolled to a shape that allows it to hold the pastry you want to decorate your cake with, and the job goes on flawlessly. While serving dessert, you may want to decorate it with melted chocolate. A greaseproof paper will get the job done beautifully.

To Wrap It Up

A greaseproof paper is no longer a strange phenomenon. You have a vast knowledge of how you can manipulate it to fit your cooking intentions.  The insight above is living proof that cooking does not have to be messy.

You can still enjoy cooking, eating, and even better, cleaning your cooking tools and space.  All you need to do is put the insight above at your fingertips.

 You can thank me later.