Two souls who are about to start a new chapter in their lives together deserve something lovely and heart-warming on their special day. Before the wedding day comes the ring ceremony. Well, we are not going to tell you that you should gift diamond rings. But you surely can’t miss making the couple happy with your gifting gesture. And so, we have gathered some gift items that you can choose from to scatter happiness. And belove us, the gifts we are about to share with you will surely be appreciated by the receiving couple.

Combo Of Roses & Personalised Wall Frame

Everybody knows that roses symbolize romance and love. And as the relation of husband and wife can survive forever only if there is love, an arrangement of roses is a great pick. To complement the roses arrangement for making a combo, we think that a personalised wall frame is the best thing. The wall frame will be used by the couple to decorate their home with a lovely picture from the ring ceremony day. The design of the wall frame and roses arrangement depends on your choice. If you ask us, an arrangement of red and white roses in a heart-shaped box will be best.

Personalised Couple Ring Ceremony Dolls

Well, this one will surely keep you distinct from the people who will be presenting the gifts to the couple. You can easily take pictures of the couple from their social media accounts, or you can ask one of them to share the pictures. Now get the two dolls made which looks like the couple you want to surprise. And the dolls should be in a position that depicts the occasion of the ring ceremony.

Lovely Indoor Plant

You might be thinking of how a plant can be a gift for a ring ceremony. Well, plants symbolise growth and longevity, and these two are also important for a relationship between husband and wife. By presenting an indoor plant to the couple, you will be sharing your thoughts that you want both of them to grow together and stay together forever. You can also pick a bonsai tree potted in a vase decorated with a print related to the ring ceremony.

Couple Rings

What could be better than ‘couple rings’ as a gift for the couple at their ring ceremony? They both will be exchanging some expensive rings with each other, but the rings you will gift them defines the bond of love. You can easily buy different types of ‘Couple rings’ on the internet, or you can get them made in silver from the jeweller. Let your gifting gesture tickle the hearts of the couple in love.

God Idols

In our culture, we seek blessings from our Gods before every new beginning. With their ring ceremony, the couple will start a new phase in life, and hence it is important for them to have blessings of almighty for a fruitful relationship ahead. There are so many designs of God Idols, and you can easily get them from your nearest gift shop.

Make your gifting move a magical one!